Volunteer Teaching English or Japanese in Vietnam. Work Abroad. Volunteer with Trellis. 

Our Values

Equal Access to Education for All

Insufficient access to effective foreign language education is a problem shared by both developed and developing countries. 

Trellis' hybrid approach to educational development not only enables us to provide language classes to individuals who lack access to such opportunities but also to increase the effectiveness of foreign language education internationally by sourcing, training, and disseminating qualified and experienced foreign language instructors to for-profit and non-profit organizations all over the world. 

Positively Impacting the Communities in Which we Operate

Turning the educated into the educator is one of the most effective ways to promote communal development. Trellis provides the tools to not only develop an important skill set but also to put that skill set to use; we aim to provide an avenue for education as well as employment for both our volunteers and students. 

Education is the first step towards increasing a person's socioeconomic mobility and, in turn, enhancing the capabilities of themselves and their communities. The effects of educating even a single individual can reverberate throughout their entire community as they educate others, better provide for their families, and more effectively connect with today's globalized society.  

Promoting The Creation of Shared Value as an Impactful Commercial Strategy

Trellis' hybrid approach to educational development allows us to leverage social issues and market inefficiencies in a way which is both productive as well as profitable. We hope to inspire other organizations to adopt similar strategies which harness the power of for-profit industry to catalyze positive social change. 

Volunteer in Vietnam and Teach English or Japanese. Become a foreign language teacher.

Volunteer teaching English or Japanese in Vietnam.

Develop your skills as a foreign language educator.