Volunteer Teaching English or Japanese in Vietnam. Work Abroad. Volunteer with Trellis. V

Volunteer with Trellis. Expand your horizons.

The goal of Trellis is to improve the English and Japanese language abilities of our students as a means of increasing their social and economic mobility. We strive to use language as a tool to uplift individuals and communities. 

Our program fees are competitive and affordable and unlike other volunteer training initiatives our hybrid model allows us to allocate 100% of all program fees and donations directly into our non-profit educational activities. 

Volunteer in Vietnam. Become a foreign language educator. Learn by teaching others. Uplift yourself and your students.


Come volunteer with us in Vietnam and teach English to children and young adults in a safe and structured classroom environment while you develop your skills as a foreign language educator. 

Want to gain valuable work experience teaching Japanese as a foreign language? Are you from Japan and want to develop your skills as a Japanese Language teacher? If so, our volunteer program is your perfect next step. 

Volunteer in Vietnam with Trellis and experience all the country has to offer. 
Volunteer in Vietnam with Trellis and teach English in Japan thanks to our work placement program. 
Volunteer in Vietnam and Teach English or Japanese. Become a foreign language teacher.

Venture to Vietnam and Beyond. Expand your Horizons. Volunteer with Trellis.